One of my favorite things to do is get to know my clients on a friend level. Random facts and things that make them smile; Passions and goals; How they met their significant other; etc. Sometimes I forget that maybe they want to know about me too! Here are some random factoids for those interested. I don’t believe in being superficial, and with me what you see is what you get. I appreciate authenticity as much as I appreciate a good cup of coffee. 
+I love to make people laugh. Seeing joy in others is what gives me the most joy. 
+There aren’t many things in life that don’t give me a sense of wonder. Seriously, there is so much beautiful shit EVERYWHERE. This is not a sappy joke. A few of my favorite beautiful things are sunsets, the northern lights, rain drops on plants, cool cloud shapes, weather, and any animal ever. 
+I have a horrible sailor mouth. (I am super good at containing it around parents and professionals though) 
+My kids are basically the coolest. Lillian (4) and William (2).
+I watch way too much netflix
+Traveling is life. Tacos are life. 
+Lastly: Vodka tonic/lime


a little bit about

Coffee, my kids, sunsets and the northern lights, Happy Bellies Bakery, Netflix, and passion. I always need to be doing something I love!

Things I cannot live without


My most recent goal  is to travel to all 50 states before I am 50. I plan to attach a graphic here eventually where you can see where I have been and then you can fill it out too. Give me a year to get it here . HA. 



I carry a Sony A7iii and backup. 
+35mm 1.4
+90mm 2.8
+70-200mm 2.9

For the Nerds


Snacks. Camera (duh) + accessories, snacks, a few more snacks, candy, water, 10 Chapsticks, iphone, and hand sanitizer 

In My Bag 


The person that usually chooses me for their photographer likes the genuine interaction they get, and the fact that I make them feel comfortable in front of a camera. I enjoy capturing real moments. If you are unsure of how to get there I can give you some tips. If you want more posed shots I know how to do that and will make sure we get some amazing shots with everyone smiling and looking at the camera.  Sound like a perfect fit?  Contact Me!!!!!

what makes a JKP bride



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