Fun ways to share your the news of your engagement! 

Sharing the news of your engagement is super exciting by itself, but what if you wanna kick it up a notch? It's only natural that you want to make it special and memorable. Here are some super fun and creative ways to share the news of your engagement with your family and closest friends

1. Customized Wine Bottle Labels
Create custom wine bottle labels to announce your engagement. Choose a favorite photo of you and your partner, add your engagement date, and customize the label with a special message. This is a unique and memorable way to share your happy news with loved ones. Websites like Etsy offer a variety of personalized wine labels for different occasions.

2. Surprise Photo Shoot
Organize a surprise photo shoot with your partner and have a photographer capture the moment you share the news with your family and friends. You can either organize a gathering in a beautiful location or surprise them at their homes. The surprise and excitement captured in the photos will make for a lasting memory! Of course, I would love to be a part of making that memory but there are resources like The Knot that can also help you get in contact with the perfect photographer. 

3. Customized Puzzle
Create a customized puzzle with your engagement announcement that your loved ones can put together. You can either have the puzzle delivered or put it together yourself and surprise them with the announcement. Websites like Shutterfly allow you to create a personalized photo puzzle super easy!

4. Proposal Video
Create a proposal video that captures the moment of your engagement, and share it! You can either create a private video for each person or organize a gathering and play the video for everyone. This is my personal favorite way:) Websites like Animoto offer easy to use tools for creating beautiful and professional-looking videos.

5. Decorate their yard with pink flamingos
It doesn't really have much to do with anything at all, but it would be fun to do before you surprise them with your engagement! 

Let me know what other ideas you have or some fun and unique ways you have shared your proposal story! 

Slay another day,
Jamie Kempen 

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