A little bit about Jamie 

One of my favorite things to do is get to know my clients on a friend level. Random facts and things that make them smile; Passions and goals; How they met their significant other; etc. Sometimes I forget that maybe they want to know about me too! Here are some random factoids for those interested. I don’t believe in being superficial, and with me what you see is what you get. I appreciate authenticity as much as I appreciate a good cup of overly sweetened coffee from Starbucks.
  • I love to make people laugh. Seeing joy in others is what gives me the most joy, I was a comic in a past life.
  • There aren’t many things in life that don’t give me a sense of wonder. Seriously, there is so much beauty EVERYWHERE. This is not a sappy joke. A few of my favorite beautiful things are sunsets, the northern lights, rain drops on plants, cool cloud shapes, weather, and any animal ever. 
  • I have a horrible sailor mouth. (I am super good at containing it around parents and professionals though).
  • My kids are basically the coolest. Lillian (6) and William (4). 
  • Traveling is life. Roadtrips > Flying
  • Taylor Swift is brilliant as a writer. My favorite albums are Evermore & Speak Now. 

The person that usually chooses me for their photographer likes the genuine interaction they get, and the fact that I make them feel comfortable in front of a camera. Although I like to go with the flow, I know when to put my head down and get shit done. I enjoy capturing real in the moment, moments. When you receive your album, it is a mix of candids and posed, that really documents the events from the day. The behind the scenes things you didn't even know were going on and the things you did that you want to remember forever. I am definitely into some dramatic editorial shots too. Harsh lighting is a friend of mine as well as rain and anyway we can add some flair to your photos! Sound like a perfect fit? 

Would we be a good fit?

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